SEASONAL ITALY Cooking from the heart with Rosa Mitchell

Cooking from the heart with Rosa Mitchell. (3).jpg
Cooking from the heart with Rosa Mitchell. (3).jpg

SEASONAL ITALY Cooking from the heart with Rosa Mitchell


Get up close and personal with Rosa Mitchell, as she teaches you how to cook seasonal Italian dishes from the heart. Enjoy a Saturday morning around a kitchen bench with Rosa as she runs through some of her favourite ingredients and techniques of the season.

Winter is all about warm, hearty dishes so in the first class, Rosa will focus on slow braising meats. Learn about the produce, the techniques and Rosa’s tips for perfecting braising this winter.

Slow braised meats are perfect for family dinners and entertaining. The meat melts in your mouth with all the flavour of the specially picked ingredients you have added. And the options for sides are endless. Listen up for some of Rosa’s favourites!

“Mitchell's food has always packed an emotional punch. Her cooking is so devoid of artifice and ego that it actually embodies the overused term "home-style" and presents as if it's been cooked with more than a little love and affection. When you haven't had access to that kind of cooking for a while and it lands in front of you again, say in the form of "Rosa's antipasto", getting a little misty-eyed is not a completely inappropriate reaction.” MICHAEL HARDEN, Gourmet Traveller

Tasting plates will be passed around throughout the morning, so you will be able to try everything that Rosa demonstrates. Watch, touch and, most importantly, sample all of Rosa’s delicious dishes.

Wines of Italy will be available for purchase on the day.

Take Rosa’s fact sheets and recipes home with you so you can recreate all the dishes again. You’ll also have something scrumptious from the day so your family can taste what you have discovered.

Price: $95 per person
Date: Saturday 1st July
Time: 11am-12:30pm
Location: Raw Materials Studio, 148 Cowper St, Footscray VIC 3011

All tickets are refundable up to 14 days prior to the event. If less than 14 days notice is given prior to the event date, tickets cannot be refunded, but can be moved to the next event. Dietary requirements are required 14 days prior to the event date, we will attempt to cater for all requirements. The event will be confirmed 14 days prior to the date, if the event is cancelled a full refund will be made.

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